You can create a great marketing video, but if no one ever watches it…. what was the point?

Why spend all of the time and money to produce it?

In video marketing, learning how to shoot and edit a video is only half of the job!

The other half is about learning how to develop great content for your videos, and then, you have to learn how to distribute them online and get them watched by your target market and customers.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave you outside over the cold dark night without any content to solve this problem.

I’ve put together my list of goto websites and resources for the Top Digital Tools that can help grow your business and get your marketing videos more views for 2020!

These are the exact same resources that I use everyday for running El Guapo Video Marketing.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner (SME) is a content marketing machine that produces a weekly postcast, blog articles, and produces variety of videos on YouTube.

They have a pulse on the current state of digital marketing and draw in a ton of experts to share their knowledge with the Social Media Examiner audience.

SME keeps me up to date on the latest trends and to find out what is working and not working today in digital. Sign up for their emails and subscribe to their podcast and YouTube channels.

It’s worth it.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

For many businesses Facebook and Instagram can be very powerful marketing platforms that can drive traffic to your website or physical location/store.

However, many business owners get stuck on how exactly to use these platforms correctly to grow their businesses.

The real power Facebook/Instagram is the ability to place your ads in front of a targeted and segmented group of potential customers, and this is accomplished by using the Ads Manager.

The Ads Manager is Facebook’s advertising platform for running ads directly on Facebook and Instagram. It’s relatively easy to learn how to use if you put some time into (just like anything else in life).

To help you learn the Ads Manager and develop a set of best practices to use they created two websites that provide businesses owners and marketers step-by-step easy to follow instruction.

This page is dedicated to running Facebook Ads:

This page is dedicated to Instagram Marketing and Ads:


The deeper you go down the rabbit hole of marketing you begin to learn how important it is to practice the art of Storytelling.

Storytelling is powerful and if done correctly it will strengthen your business’s brand, build long term relationships with your customers, and you sell more products/services to them.

The most comprehensive resource online for Storytelling is

They have podcast and produce a lot of video content which teaches business owners how to best use Story in their marketing.

They also have a book called “Building a Story Brand”. I highly recommend subscribing to their podcast and email list, as well as, checking out their book.

Harmon Brothers

There is a good chance that you’ve watched a sales video created by Harmon Brothers.

Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, FiberFix, Lume, click funnels, chatbooks, and Camp Chef are just a few of the brands they have produced marketing videos and as a result; SALES SKYROCKETED.

If you want to learn the art of creating a funny sales video that is energising, fun, and memorable then the Harmon Brothers are a company you need to follow.

Subscribe to their podcast, blog, and email list, click here:

Marketing is a never ending pursuit of learning…

Technology is changing at an extremely fast rate, and this has a direct correlation to sales and marketing because it changes how consumers get their information and make purchase decisions.

Therefore, what works today in marketing may not exactly work the same tomorrow.

To keep up with trends and to stay current I follow Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin.

They speak the truth, and in a world full of “gurus”, it can be hard to find it.

Seth Godin: He is called the Godfather of Digital Marketing. He has a daily email/blog and written a ton of books, of which, Tribes and Purple Cow are my favorite.


Gary gives straight, no bullshit and direct marketing advice. Follow his podcast and watch a few keynotes to “get it”.

SEO & Google and YouTube Ads

In 2020, we are going to go deeper on YouTube Ads as we see Facebook changing and not getting the same type of audience retention and engagement that we saw a few years ago.

The following websites, YouTube channels, and individuals are great resources for SEO, Google, and YouTube marketing.

Single Grain

Single Grain has a great blog and podcast that only covers SEO, Google Ads, and basic blogging to run more traffic to your website and convert leads.

They produce a ton of great content and it’s all for FREE.

Surfside PPC

These guys are great, they have a ont of straight up pure tutorials for how to set up and run Google and YouTube ads. They don’t hold anything back and deliver 100% pure content.

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel after clicking this link…
Go to Surfside PPC YouTube Channel

Tom Breeze

Tom Breeze is an expert in YouTube ads who has some great tutorials on YouTube and a great book to go along with his tutorials, named, Viewability.

Go to his YouTube channel and subscribe to it by clicking this link:

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I hope you got some good info out of this article.

All of these resources have helped me tremendously over the years and I know they will help you also.

You can check out more episodes from my show below.

Thanks, Adios, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

George “el guapo” Cuevas

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