Social Media Marketing Videos

There are many different types of videos that you can create for your social media channels. If there was a general rule about making a good social media marketing video, it would be:

Make it informative.

Make it entertaining.

Make it for your viewers, and not for your ego.

Example of a Sales & Marketing Video

This video was produced for an insurance agent, Mike Steljes, who has a really unique niche in servicing homebuilders, construction contractors, and real estate investors. In the video we attempt to do 3 things.

1. Make it Funny.
2. Make it Informative/Educational.
3. Give an Offer.

Example No. 2

Example of a Branding-Event Video for Social Media

In this project our client was the sponsor for a Marine Corp Rodeo in California. We shot footage of the event and did a short “shout out” with their product representative who was at the event passing out products and meeting people. The video is used as part of their overall content marketing plan for social media.

Example No. 3

Example of a Marketing Video for a Live Event

This video project is being used to market live events for a mortgage broker who hosts regular home buying events for both Veterans and First Time Homebuyers. His events are very fun, casual, and they have drinks and food so we wanted to create a video that reflected this.

Example No. 3

Example of a Marketing Video Parody

Another really fun video to shoot. We shot this for a REALTOR organization, NAHREP, and they wanted to make a marketing video for getting people to an event, but they wanted to do something a little different. So at the time of shooting the movie Bird Box just came out, so we made a parody of it and tied it to a Call to Action for the event at the end.

Example No. 4

Example of a New Product/Coming Soon Video

This video project was made for a new startup in San Diego. They are designing a product and needed to start a social media campaign to bring awareness to it. The product is a tactical axe for use by first responders.

Example No. 5

Behind the Scenes Video for El Guapo

Take a behind the scenes look of one of our video shoots.


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Making a marketing video is a fun, creative exercise
where you dig deeper into understanding how your business
communicates with the marketplace.

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