Video is just a tool for your business to use to reach more customers and to help shape your brand into their eyes.

Example 1

Long-form Branding Video

This video is part of a series of Branding and Sales videos which are being used to help build up our clients presence online. More specifically, this is a “long-form” piece of content which addresses one of the many products the client offers to it’s customers.

  • Client

    Mike Stelljes, Lowry Insurance

  • Type of Video

    Long Form Video Branding for Social Media

Sales and Branding Videos

Short-form Branding Video

This video project was created for a new tactical gear product that was coming onto the market. The product is specifically designed to be used by first responders in the field and we wanted to show a situation where it would be used in.

Cool music, fast pace, an explosion are all in line with how this new company wants the marketplace to see it.

  • Client

    Stone Gryphon Tactical

  • Type of Video

    Short Form Video Branding for Social Media

Sales and Branding Video Portfolio

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