Welcome to Part 2 in How to Create a Crowdfunding Video.

In the first part we did all of the research needed to create a strategy for creating our video.

In part 2, we used all of our research and to create the following steps for writing a video script.

A Video Script is the foundation for every type of marketing video.

Without one, you just have video with no purpose, and a video with no purpose is just a waste of all the valuable resources used to create it.

Here is how we created our video script for this crowdfunding project.

1. The Video Script Formula: Who + What + How = Why

Creating a video script is not rocket science, it’s just a marketing exercise.

A crowdfunding video is not unlike a regular sales marketing video.

We all have seen a ton of them in our lifetimes, have you ever seen The Snuggie!

If you forgot about this one watch it below.

Some of these sales videos are great and memorable while others are cheesey and awful.

The Snuggie was a great product and cheesey, but what made it a multi-million dollar hit was it’s sales “pitch” video.

Snuggie’s sales video follows a formula that has been tested over time and proven to work very well.

Which is also the same formula that many successful crowdfunding videos use.

The Sales “Pitch” Video Formula

Again, this is not rocket science so don’t overthink it.

The first step is to extract this information from the business:

  • Identify who your target market is.
  • Identify the problem your target market has.
  • Present your product as the solution to their problem.
  • Explain how this will make their life better.
  • Give your Call to Action on how to easily buy the product.

Let’s break down this formula further into parts…

PART 1: Who is the product for? (The Who)

  • You must know who your audience/target market is and speak to them in the terms that they can easily understand and identify with.
  • If you don’t know who your target market is, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.
  • You must understand what their problems are and what they need.

PART 2: What problem does this product solve for them? (The What)

  • The first part of your marketing video will not start with talking about how great your product it, or all the wonderful features it has. Rather it starts by addressing the problem your product actually solves for them.
  • If you are not clear on how your product solves your target markets problems then they will have NO REASON to watch the video and purchase and purchase the product.

PART 3: How does your product solve the problem? (The How)

  • After you identify your target audience’s problem, then you present the solution to it with your product.
  • Now you explain how your product solves the problem.
  • It’s at this point when you can start describing your features and benefits.

Who + What + How = Why they should buy it!

This is how it works.

If you properly identify your target market’s problem…

…And position your product to effectively solve this problem…

…And if you have come from a viewpoint of empathy and have shown that you truly understand your target market and their problem that they need solved.

Then, you will create the WHY for your target market on why they should buy your product.

Everyone wants to buy, but they won’t buy just because you tell them to.

It’s our job as marketers to lead our customers to our products/services and walk them through how they can used to make life better for them.

2. Download Our Video Script Worksheet

The best way for me to get all of this information from our client was to create a simple Video Script Worksheet.

With this worksheet filled out I was able to start writing up the 1st draft of the video script.

You can download our worksheet by clicking the button below. You can use this or create your own.

3. Sales “Pitch” Video Outline

As soon as we the worksheet filled out we could start creating the first draft of the video.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t try and create a perfect script on draft 1. This is just a starting point.

In order to come up with something great you need to allow for the creative process to start, this means you need to start writing.

It doesn’t have to be pretty but with a starting point you can revise, update, or toss it in the garbage and start with a new idea.

The outline listed below details the main sections that our video will

INTRODUCTION: Identify with the target audience and describe the problem.

BODY 1: Introduce the product intro how great it is at solving the problem that is brought up in the introduction.

BODY 2: Describe the features of the product.

BODY 3: Intro the team, background story, and progress so far.

BODY 4: Describe additional problems the product solves OR use scenarios that show product solving problems.

CALL TO ACTION: Tell the viewers what your plan is for production of the product and when it will be ready for shipments.

Give details on any incentives for purchasing, 

Give your sales pitch for purchasing, it must be short and to the point.

4. How long should the video be?

One of the most important details for your video is how long it will be.

Your video needs to hold the attention of your viewers all the way to the Call to Action.

A longer video is not going to make it better, and a short video with missing information is not better.

For our video we are shooting for a 2 minute to 2.5 minute long video.

If we do a great job with our scriptwriting and stay on point with our message so that we don’t bore our viewers, then we should have more than enough time to pitch this product within a 2 minute long video.

5. How long does it take to write a video script?

Creating a piece of content like a sales video requires a lot of drafts and revisions.

This is because you want to create a great video that will helps you crush your sales goals for the crowdfunding project.

We made a plan and gave ourselves enough time to create 3-4 drafts before finalizing the script.

Our production timeline is 2 months. Weeks 1 to 4 are all for video prep and scriptwriting.

Weeks 4 to 6 are for shooting our video.

Weeks 6 to 8 are for video editing, revisions, and final deliver of the sales video.

6. Hiring a professional scriptwriter to help with the script

Unless you’re a professional sales copywriter and have written many video scripts, you will need professional help for writing yours.

The good news is that there are many great script writers who can help you with your video script.

My strategy will be to create a decent draft 2 with our clients feedback in it, then take that a professional script writer to help us fine tune it.

We found a pretty good script writer on Fiverr.com who will be helping us with this one.

Finalizing the Script and Moving on to Shooting the Video

Our next step is to finally start shooting our crowdfunding video.

Hopefully, all of the work in researching, planning, and scriptwriting will payoff with a great crowdfunding video that will help our client launch his new company and sell a ton of new products.

In the next part of this series we will get into shooting a crowdfunding video.

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