Simplified Pricing Makes the World a Better Place

Package #1: The Shock & Awe Video Marketing Campaign

Package #2: A La Carte & Simplified

These packages are for when you just need one single marketing video produced.

Package #3: Large Scale Marketing Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action! These large scale projects will involve hiring actors, creating scripts, purchasing props, and renting out shooting locations.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

For REALTORS, Commercial Agents, Property Managers, and Resorts.


Add some Sriracha
to your marketing, with Video...

Creating marketing videos is a fun and creative exercise that you and your team will love, especially when you do it with El Guapo…

Resource Guide

COMING SOON: El Guapo’s guide for gear and techniques that will help you create Kick Ass marketing videos.

Video Marketing Podcast

Watch and Listen to my video marketing podcast where we sometimes enjoy having some margaritas.

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The Story of El Guapo

My journey from the Military, to real estate, and finally landing to become a full time videographer.

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