In this episode we sat down to talk about real estate photography with professional real estate photographer, Megan Kelly, of Sterling Photo in San Diego, California.

I found Megan on Instagram and was immediately captivated by her real estate photos, she’s the real deal and that’s why we brought her on the show.

Even though I’m also a real estate photographer, and technically she’s my competition, I would rather collab and be friends with fellow creatives who are doing great work. The world is a better place when we can all learn and grow from each other.

Megan Kelly of Sterling Photo in San Diego, California

Real Estate Photography in a Sea of Vanilla…

Within the world of real estate photographers you will find two types…

The first type are true professional real estate photographers who are artists and entrepreneurial in spirit as they pursue their craft in capturing the very essence, style, and vibe of a home.

Their mission is create stunning photos that will make their clients listings stand out online.

Then there are the second type of real estate photographers who don’t really care capturing the “vibe” of a home, they only care about shooting the most amount of properties that they can in a day.

Their photos typically are average at best and when home buyers see their photos online they uninspired by them.

Megan Kelly of Sterling Photo is a true professional who lives and breathes real estate photography.

For her, real estate photography is not a temporary gig, she actually choose specifically shoot real estate.

Some of Megan’s’ Real Estate Photos

How to Contact Megan


Facebook Business Page:

Instagram: @sterlingphoto1

This Episode was Recorded Live at Casa de Reyes

If you want an outdoor Mexican restaurant with a cool vibe and great food in Old Town San Diego, California, then I would recommend Casa de Reyes.

Located at 2754 Calhoun Street, Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, San Diego CA | 619-220-5040

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