STEP 1: Develop your Video Marketing Plan
STEP 2: Create a Video Marketing Script
STEP 3: Shoot your Marketing Video
STEP 4: Editing your Marketing Video
STEP 5: The Final Edit/Revisions to your Marketing Video
STEP 6: Distributing your Marketing Video

In 2008, I attended my first marketing seminar as a newly licensed real estate agent.

At the time I knew very little about sales, marketing, and advertising, so I was very excited about attending this session.

Our instructor extensively covered everything that was working at the time for real estate agents to be able to produce more leads. The real estate market was crashing then, and every agent was trying to figure out anything that would work.

But then towards the end of the seminar she told us that everything we had just learned was going to be outdated and irrelevant in just a few years because the future was in Digital.

It was the first time I heard anybody talking about social media and marketing videos as being tools that can help a business grow sales.

Remember this was back in 2008, and social media and online videos were for kids, funny cat videos, and cheap entertainment, not businesses, Right?

Marketing is Back to the Future

I took what she said seriously and on my way back home I stopped at a Best Buy and bought a video camera.

The next day we made our first marketing video and it could possibly be one of the worst marketing videos ever made.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I had to start creating videos if I was ever going to get any good at making them.

Fast forward to today and the future is here.

The predictions made by that real estate marketing instructor back in 2008 were spot on.

Digital marketing channels, such as, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Google Search Engine have become more powerful than most traditional forms of media like print advertising, radio, and TV.

Video Marketing in today’s Future

Before digital took over one of the most powerful adverting mediums were TV Commercials.

A countless number of multi-million dollar brands were built off of TV commercials and many of them are a part of our cultural identity as Americans.

Think Super Bowl, McDonalds, Nike, and even Apple.

But there was a big problem with TV Commercials.

They are extremely expensive to produce and there was limited bandwidth on the TV networks to distribute them, which kept the cost of distribution extremely high.

Bottom line: You needed millions of dollars to produce a TV commercial so it was out of the reach for many businesses.

Technology in today’s Future

Technology over the past several years has changed everything in marketing and sales by democratizing it and making it available for virtually everyone.

Your smartphone now has a video camera built into it and if you had no budget for making a marketing video you could literally use that to film it.

If you hire a videographer or a production company to film your marketing videos it won’t cost you millions of dollars to do so.

Furthermore, once your marketing video is complete it won’t cost you millions of dollars to distribute it and get it seen online.

Bottom line: Every business owner today can produce marketing videos and has access to the technology and platforms needed to make and distribute them.

How to Make a Great Marketing Video with Six Simple Steps

Making a marketing video should be a fun creative process and I’ve developed a simple system with six steps to achieve this.

Follow these steps when you start creating your next marketing video.

STEP 1: Develop your Video Marketing Plan

Before you turn on the cameras and start filming your video you need to first figure out what types of marketing videos you actually need, because not all marketing videos are created equal.

The type of business you operate and how you are marketing it now will help dictate what types of videos you need.

STEP 2: Create a Video Marketing Script

A marketing video needs some basic structure to it so that it effectively communicates a message.

A basic marketing script will include the acknowledgement of a problem that your clients face, then provide the solution for it, and finally provide some type of a call to action to wrap it all up.

Problem – Solution – Call to Action.

Spend some time to work though your idea and write out a basic script for it so that you’re prepared on

STEP 3: Shoot your Marketing Video

Now it’s time to actually shoot your marketing video.

All of the prep work you perform in Steps 1 and 2 is for making Step 3 a successful shoot.

You don’t want to try and “figure out” what kind of video you need and what you’re actually going to say in it on the day of the shoot, because it may result in creating a poorly crafted marketing video.

The better prepared you are, the better your marketing video will be.

STEP 4: Editing your Marketing Video

So much of the magic to putting together a video happens during the editing stage. This is where the whole mood of a video is established.

It can often take more time to edit your video than it took to actually shoot it.

STEP 5: The Final Edit/Revisions to your Marketing Video

Once you make the first final edit of your video you’ll want to watch it and share it with your team. Often you’ll find some necessary additional edits that will make your video close to perfect.

STEP 6: Distributing your Marketing Video

Making the actual video is the easy part.

The hard work is in getting your marketing videos seen.

In Step 1 you determine what type of a video you actually need and now that will help you determine what you’re going to do with it once it’s completed.

For example, you have a general branding and content video for your social platforms.

In this case you’ll want to make sure you have set aside the time and other resources to promote this video online.

Just Get Started

Video works unlike any other tool and when used correctly it’s powerful.

If anything is holding you back, then it’s likely not the tech, or the money.

The only thing stopping you now, is you.

Don’t worry about going viral.

Don’t worry about making a “perfect: video.

Just be authentic, be true, deliver value, and most important have fun.

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