One of the most important elements for every successful crowdfunding campaign is it’s “pitch” video.

You can take a look at our latest crowdfunding video for Stone Gryphon Tactical.

A crowdfunding video is an engaging marketing video that is specifically used on a campaign landing page for crowdfunding services, like, Kickstarter or Indiegogo and if it does a good jobs, it will compel you to invest into the new product.

According to “campaigns with a pitch video raise 4X more than campaigns without a pitch video.”

So your “pitch” video can literally sink or swim your Indiegogo or Kickstarter crowdfunding project.

This Projects Background

This is the challenge that was presented to us at El Guapo Creative in June of 2020 by a company we did some work with back in 2019, Stone Gryphon Tactical.

Stone Gryphon Tactical is a startup based out of San Diego, California and they are now ready for their next step to raise capital for mass producing their new tactical axe, called The CTAX.

I met the owner and founder Brian Carrington through the Veterans in Residence Program at Bunker Labs, a business incubator for Veterans.

We have filmed hundreds of marketing videos before, but only one other crowdfunding video, and because this is such a critical video that can either make or break this new start up we have to hit this video right out of the park.

Needless to say the pressure is on…

The first step for creating a crowdfunding video: RESEARCH, a lot of research

Being a self taught videographer and photographer I’ve turned to Google and YouTube to learn new skills and techniques and they have never let me down.

Our first task was to truly understand every important component that goes into creating a great crowdfunding “pitch” video.

I researched and searched for every article, guide, and video that we could find about crowdfunding pitch videos and I’m going to share all of that with you here.

Our Research Process:

  1. Search for and watch crowdfunding videos of similar types of products or products within similar categories. This helped us see different approaches that companies made in the videos that they created. We found 3 videos that gave us inspiration, but more importantly allowed us to reverse engineer it.
  2. Search for Articles and Guides about creating a successful crowdfunding pitch video. Links to these are all below.

Kickstarter & Indiegogo Resources

The first place we started was actually on Kickstarters’ and Indiegogos’ blogs and tutorials, they didn’t have the best info but it was certainly enough to get us started.

Indiegogo has two great resources for crowdfunding: (1.) The Crowdfunding Field Guide and (2.) The Education Center. Some of the resources that we found within these for creating your pitch video are here.

There are 3 awesome resources Indiegogo supplies for creating a pitch video.

  1. Indiegogo Webinar: Creating a Strong Video for your Crowdfunding Campaign. It’s a little dated but the info is great.

2. Indiegogo Pitch Video Guide (PDF): This a great little resource that will serve as a real guide to walk you through everything you need to consider when making your pitch video.

3. Indiegogo Essential Crowdfunding Calendar and Checklist: This is a great resource to help you manage the whole campaign on a a macro level.

Kickstarter Creator Handbook: Kickstarter has a host of resources for getting your projects started. It was a little generic and I liked what I found on Indiegogo better.

Examples of Crowdfunding Campaigns we Used to Reverse Engineer

As an artist, I don’t copy other peoples work, but I try and draw new ideas and inspiration from the great work that people are already making.

There is a real fine line here not to cross.

I’ve only created one other crowdfunding video and I wanted and needed to see the formula for what works already and then try to build on that to create something unique and special to this project.

These are some of the crowdfunding projects that helped give use inspiration and a place to reverse engineer from.

Reverse engineering for use was looking at how they:

  1. Describe the problem.
  2. Offer the solution.
  3. Show a product demonstration.
  4. Deliver a Call to Action.

A. The Babymaker – Stealth Road eBike With Belt Drive on Indiegogo.

This was an incredibly successful campaign and it was their second one. They had a product that shared some qualities like ours, in that it’s an existing product, an electric bike, but they made it truly unique and special.

B. M1 Caliber | A Better Way to Measure on Kickstarter.

Another successful company with a history of creating great products. We learned a lot from watching how they presented their product in the pitch video. It was a perfect execution of identifying the problem and then providing the solution with their product.

C. The Axis Axe on Indiegogo.

WOW, this was a very different way to approach a pitch video. It’s funny and it speaks directly to the target audience of the Axis Axe

Articles and Guides about Crowdfunding

We found a few blog articles on creating a great pitch video for your crowdfunding campaign.

The first article is here “How to Make a Crowdfunding Video People Actually Watch” on

And we found this article on it’s really good to read if you are at the beginning phases of putting your video together, “How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Video for your Startup”.

Next Step… Creating a Video Marketing Script for a Crowdfunding Video

After researching how to create a great crowdfunding video, it’s time to move on to the next step and that begins with creating a script for the pitch video.

The video script is the foundation of your crowdfunding pitch video. If we don’t spend the time necessary to creating it, we will not be able to create a great video.

In Part 2, we will take you behind the scenes of our process for creating a video script for this project.

I hope you got a lot of great information out of this article, podcast, and video. Make sure to follow this journey and watch how this project comes out.

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