Meet Aidan Demolli

In a short period of time, and without any formal schooling Aidan Demolli has become a talented videographer, photographer, and expert in marketing.

He is the founder of Wakebone Creative and I’m a proud member of the motley crue of creatives he has put together behind it.

I met Aidan through Bunker Labs in San Diego, a Veteran Business Incubator, and we quickly hit it off and started working together on several video marketing projects.

Aidan spent four years in the Marines.

One of the biggest projects that we worked on together was a comedy show that he produced, shot, edited, and sold to VetTV. Below you can watch the trailer for it.

Resources mentioned on the Show by Aidan…

During the podcast Aidan mentioned a few authors whose books helped shape his current marketing philosophy.

  1. Al Ries and Jack Trout. These guys have written several awesome marketing books and The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing is a must read for any entrepreneur or marketer.

2. Seth Godin. Seth is known as the Godfather of modern marketing. He has written dozens of great books and if you have not read/listened to any of his work I highly recommend him. Purple Cow is my favorite one.

Contact Aidan Demolli of Wakebone Creative

Contact Aidan via his website at and you can also find out more about his creative agency there.

Aidan is pretty active on Instagram, it’s the best way to reach him directly with a message.

Thanks for listening.

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