Choosing the right music for your marketing video is one of the most important factors that goes into creating one.

A song helps create the mood and tone for your video.

So choosing the wrong song can completely ruin it, and choosing the right song can make your marketing video a masterpiece.

To help you find great royalty free music for your next marketing video, I created this short list of my top websites that I use in all of my projects.


(Go to

Artlist uses a simple subscription model, which is, $200/year. They have a decent catalog of songs, but you do have to search deep sometimes to find the “right” song. I wish there was more but at $200/year it’s a good deal.

THE GOOD: Affordable and wide selection of music.

THE BAD: The search functionality is frustrating sometimes.


Go to

Musicbed is not cheap, it’s a premium service but they have a great catalog of music to choose from. They also operate under a subscription model but you pay by the month or by the year. I can pretty much almost always find what I’m looking for on Musicbed.

THE GOOD: Absolutely phenomenal wide selection of great music.

THE BAD: It’s expensive.


Go to AudioJungle

I don’t care what anyone says, AudioJungle still has a pretty incredible catalog of music. You can find every type of music and/or sound effect that you need here. Plus, it’s a pay as you go model. Each song costs anywhere from $10 to $45. Most of the licenses are single use, so you purchase a song and can use it in one project. When I can’t find what I’m looking for on Artlist or Musicbed I go to AudioJungle.

THE GOOD: It’s the place where you can find everything. Plus, tons of specialty music.

THE BAD: No bads really, searching and playing songs in search can be frustrating.


Go to PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat has been around for a long time. They don’t have a really deep catalog of music, but what they have listed is very good. They also have a simple pay as you go model where you pay a flat rate per song. I used PremiumBeat a lot when I first started out and still go back once in a while to find something unique.

THE GOOD: Great songs and not a bad price but not cheap.

THE BAD: They don’t have a very deep catalog of songs, so song selection is limited.


Go to EpidemicSound

Epidemic Sound is the only service I do not currently use, but it’s by far one of the most popular Royalty Free Music services online. I would highly recommend checking them out simply because there are so many brands and YouTubers that use this service.

THE GOOD: A lot of video creators love this website.

THE BAD: I’m not a fan of the music searches.

Do you really need Royalty Free Music in your Marketing Video

Pretty much always YES, yes you do need awesome and great music to use in your marketing videos, and you need permission to use it.

Music helps set the tone of your videos and this will help establish the general mood your video has.

For example, if you have an emotional story to tell in your video then techno/dance music is not going to work.

Music will help you better communicate your message.

It’s just that simple.

Why do you need Royalty Free Music in your Marketing Videos

A key ingredient for many marketing videos is Music.

Music can help you establish the tone or mood of a video.

Which will help you tell the story that your video hopes to communicate to viewers.

However, not all music is created equal.

Music is owned and has copyright protections, so you won’t be able to simply add your favorite Beyoncé song to your marketing video.

You must have permission to use copyrighted music in your commercial productions or face being sued, fined, and having to take your video down.

What is Royalty Free Music and Why You Need It

First, I’m not a lawyer and don’t know the exact legal definitions, but I know what is needed so that my videos don’t get flagged online.

Royalty Free Music is a type of license that gives you clearance to be able to use the music into your commercial video production.

Under Royalty Free, you don’t actually own the music and you can’t resell it. You’re only being given the limited use of placing it into your videos.

There are also different types of Royalty Free Music licenses.

What type of license you have will depend on where you purchase it and the terms given at time of purchase.

The Bottom Line

If you are going to produce a marketing video for commercial purposes and add copyrighted music to it, then you’ll need permission to use it. Purchasing Royalty Free Music give you an effective way to do this legally and affordably.

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