In this audio interview (above) I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Brian Carrington, of Stone Gryphon Tactical, and we discuss his experience in making his first marketing videos and journey into Entrepreneurship.

In the video (below) we take you behind the scenes of an actual marketing video shoot.

Brian’s First Marketing Video

Video marketing is a journey.

Your first video might not be that great and you might hate the way you sound, look, and talk, but it is the only way to get better at communicating your brand message.

Bottom Line Lesson: Don’t worry about making the perfect video, make the best video you can with the tools you already have, spend some time to prepare and rehearse, and take as many takes as you need so that it’s “good enough” to share.

Then make the next one.

You will start to see yourself get better with each next video you make.

Here is Brians first marketing video. See if you can tell the difference between his first and second videos.

Brian’s Second Marketing Video

In Brians first video we wanted to keep things simple. Let’s present the product, show some cool product footage, and give a call to action at the end of the video.

That was a good solid start for a new business startup’s first marketing video.

But now that Brian has some experience getting in front of the camera and crafting a message we wanted to create a marketing video that demonstrated the product in action.

See if you can see the difference in the level of improvement of Brian’s delivery from the first to the second video…

Connecting with Brian at Stone Gryphon Tactical

If you want to find out more about Brian’s new product the CTAX or follow his journey online his digital links are below.

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Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Videos

To start a business and become a true entrepreneur you have to be willing to learn a whole new set of skills that are not taught in school.

One of these skills is learning how to market and sell your product and/or service.

Even for an individual who goes to college for “marketing” this does not guarantee they actually will know how to market and sell something. In my experience college grads who majored in marketing are fed so much out-dated material that they are severely crippled when it comes to actually marketing something to sell.

Meeting Brian Carrington of Stone Gryphon Tactical at Bunker Labs

I met Brian Carrington after I was accepted to join a group of entrepreneurs who also happen to be fellow Veterans through a program called, Veterans in Residence.

It’s a program ran by Bunker Labs, a national non-for-profit which helps Veterans start businesses.

Veterans in Residence programs are located throughout the United States where Bunker Labs has offices set up, and many of these are at WeWork building. WeWork and Bunker Labs have teamed up together to provide office space for the organization and it’s programs.

If you’re a Veteran and you want to start a business or started and are stuck, the go to the Bunker Labs website and see if they have a chapter near you. They really want to help and have a lot of resources to it.

Bottom Line Lesson: You cannot do it alone and building long lasting business relationships is critical if you want to build a successful business.

Example’s of Marketing Images created with Canva

Creating marketing images for your social media platforms is critical for your business. We created several images for Brian’s social media and used to create them with. is a FREE tool that we use to create all of our images for our blogs, articles, and other marketing assets online.

Creating a marketing video for your business is a fun creative process. Don’t stress out about it and don’t worry about trying to make it perfect.

Because if you take this too seriously it will drive you nuts and then what’s the point.

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Enjoy Amigos…

George “el guapo” Cuevas

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