A Man’s Journey from the USMC to becoming a REALTOR

Meet Jake Smoke from the TIp of the Spear real estate team at Keller Williams Realty in San Diego, California.

Jake and his partner Brian Britton are not your typical real estate agents. They are both Veterans and have served honorably in the United States Military, and today they’re use their military experience and connections to the community to build a successful real estate practice.

I met both of them in my own journey into getting established here in San Diego and wanted to bring Jake onto the podcast because these guys are doing one thing that I love.

They are being themselves and not trying to be something they are not.

And it’s their authenticity that is driving their recent successes in sales growth.

You can find out more about Jake and Brian at Tip of the Spear with the links and info below.

Contact Jake Smoke

Jake Smoke
USMC Veteran
Tip of the Spear (real estate team)
Keller Williams Realty – San Diego
DRE# 02044023
Phone: 760-576-4175
Email: smokerealestate@gmail.com
Website: www.TipoftheSpearRealtors.com

Resources and Links Mentioned on the Podcast


Black Rifle Coffee Video


Gary Vaynerchuk

Episode Location

This episode was shot at Northern Pine Brewery in Oceanside, CA. I love to record at live venues like bars, restaurants, and unique spaces.

Northern Pine Brewery in Oceanside, California


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Podcast Recording Gear and Setup for Geeks

This podcast was recorded live at Northern Pine Brewery in Oceanside, California.

We recorded the episode using the following gear.

Audio Recorder: Zoom H6
Microphones: Audio Technica AT-2005 (usb)
Audio Editing Software: Adobe Audition

For the first time ever we did have some technical issues with the Zoom H6 and lost some of the audio. Still investigating how and why it happened. For the past 4 years the Zoom H6 has worked great without any issues.

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