Handcrafted Marketing Videos

No two marketing videos are alike,

each one is carefully shot and edited,

to give voice to your brand message…

Pro Speaker and Event Videos
Social Media Marketing Videos
Real Estate Virtual Tour Videos
Kickstarter Marketing VIdeos

Not Just a Videographer,
but a true El Guapo!

These are the steps we take to produce a marketing video…

Developing your Video Marketing Plan

Before we bring in the cameras we need to first figure out what type of a marketing video your business actually needs. To do this we create a simple video marketing plan.

Creating a Marketing Script

Once we have figured out what you need, it’s now time to actually create it. Again, before we bring in the cameras and start recording you we have to create some basic scripts and storyboards for your marketing video.

Shooting your Marketing Video

Now that we have a plan and a script it’s time to start actually shooting your marketing video. A video shoot is always scheduled and can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours to shoot depending on the scale of the video.

Video Editing

Video editing can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks. It really depends on the scope and scale of the project. Editing a marketing video usually takes longer than actually shooting it.


After your video has been edited I will deliver the 1st Version to you via Dropbox. Sometimes the video is perfect and no revisions are needed, but many times a few tweaks are needed to make the video perfect.

Repeat the Process

Video marketing is tool for your business. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep the marketplace aware of your company and its products. Which means, you will want to keep producing marketing videos that engage with your audience online.

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Get Tacos,
Start Making a Video

Making a marketing video is a fun, creative exercise
where you dig deeper into understanding how your business
communicates with the marketplace.

I'm not a SuperHero

But I can create and do some pretty amazing things with camera.

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I’m based out of Southern California, and do travel outside of SOCAL for video projects.

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